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 Limenitis bredowii californica. 
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Сообщение Limenitis bredowii californica.
В детстве умерла мама...
MIND - death agg. - parents or friends, of; mother. of: aur-m-n. 8, lac-h. 1, lim-b-c. 1.
Обнаружил неизвестный мне препарат lim-b-c.. Это - Limenitis bredowii californica (Butterfly) proving was done by HERRICK N.,and published in her book - Animal Mind, Human Voices : Provings of Eight New Animal Remedies.
Following is extracted from EH:- hope this helps,. V.T.Yekkirala.
"Analysis of the proving.
After reading the journals and listening to the provers’ reports at the group meeting, I have the impression that the essence of this remedy is the state of an unprotected adolescent. The adolescents have the feeling that their parents, though they love their children, do not think carefully enough about protecting them. In this situation, the children are without guidance and feel anxious.
Butterfly might also be helpful for parents who are unwilling or unable to set limits of safety for their children; parents who “don’t want to think” about limits or rules who “just want to feel” their love for their children.
(EMOTIONS, NOT THE MIND) J.C. Cooper, in Symbolic and Mythological Animals, says: “Butterflies can...symbolize a life of pleasure, irresponsibility, ‘a butterfly existence,’ or spiritedness.”
A startling coincidence during the proving was the simultaneous news event which reported the tragedy of a seven-year-old girl who piloted a plane across the country with her father and flight instructor and fatally crashed in an icy rainstorm. She was the youngest ever to attempt such a feat. When reporters asked him, prior to the flight, why he allowed his daughter to fly an airplane at age seven when 16 was the minimum age for a pilot’s license, the father explained: “My daughter requested it.” The mother was asked before the flight if the weather might delay her daughter’s takeoff. Her reply was: “The weather will move for her. It is not luck. It is the power of her being. There is something about Jessica that things move for her. She is just a wonderful being.” Experts advised other parents after the accident to “tell their kids the truth, let them grieve, and assure them of their own safety.”

An interesting theme in the proving was that of buildings. This reminds one of the cocoon stage, where the pupas are housed in “a beautifully decorated house” of silk. Silk has been obtained from the cocoon wrapping of the silkworm moth (Bombyx mori) since the fifth century B.C. The princess who discovered it was given the rank of divinity for her incredible find. Silk is regarded the world over as the most elegant and sensuous fabric. The most significant symptom to emerge from the proving was the aversion and inability to think. As one prover put it: “It’s as if the gears in my head are filled with a thick, gooey, viscous gunk and that they are not moving well and that they freeze.” At the same time, there was a striking orientation towards loving emotions in this proving: “...interactions are full of love and mutual respect.... I felt really loving on an almost global level.” It seems that the butterfly represents a state of emotional freedom and love without the “hindrances” of responsibility and thought processes"
http://www.otherhealth.com/homeopathy-l ... erfly.html

Вс дек 06, 2009 1:14 pm
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